Do you love fantasy Mother-Son incest stories? Then this is the site for you! This site was put together for two reasons:

Reason 1

Nothing can beat a well written incest story that has rounded characters, plot-line, and hot incestuous dialogue (the best part of an incest fantasy is hearing a mother beg for her stud son’s nine-inch cock).  

However, do you find yourself tired at the end of the day and just don’t have the patience to sift through hundreds of stories, find one that sounds promising, and read through it? Or maybe you just want to limit your screen time?   

Our mission is to provide access to quality Mom-Son incest audio-stories where all you have to do is close your eyes and let mommy transport you to her naughty bedroom…  

Reason 2

The mainstream adult industry doesn’t do the community justice in scratching our itch!   

Let’s face it:  

  • The majority of Mother-Son incest searches take us to sketchy portals that freeze up our computers, threaten us with malware, and are extremely over-saturated with ads! 
  • Mainstream incest movies aren’t that good! Kirdy Steven’s “Taboo” was groundbreaking, for its time (Kay Parker and Honey Wilder will forever be Incest Goddess), but overall, the plot was terrible and barley touched on the immoral themes readers of the genre crave. “Taboo Charming Mother” had phenomenal acting and animation, but was also creepy and in my opinion focused more on a “slut mother” rather than a “mother’s hidden desire.”  
  • Cartoon artists like MILFTOON are borderline pedophilic, which severely detracts from the fantasy.  
  • Legit tube sites have related content but after a while the feeling of quality goes away. Most of the videos are just homemade movies where no story line is present and no explicit dialogue exists where a mother is begging her son to “fuck her harder than his dad ever could.” The videos that do explicitly have actors who talk about incest, in my opinion don’t have the acting skills that can compete with a well-written incest story. 

This site’s mission is to provide quality Mother-Son Incest fantasy to lovers of the kink at a low-cost with zero advertisements. All profits will go back into funding additional media content to create more sinful mother-son audio and content.  

Thank you for visiting the site! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact us here

Collaborate With Us 

If you are also a fan or author of the kink and: 

Please reach out to use here (insert link). We are open to all ideas as long as they do not involve underaged children, bestiality, racism, incite violence, or promote real-life incest.