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Do you love reading hot mom son sex incest stories, but find yourself exhausted by the end of the day to sort find a good mom son sex story and read it all the way through? Maybe you found a promising story but a quarter of the way, its terrible? Our sexy incestuous audiobooks are narrated by the best incest mommies in the business. After a long hard day, just sit back and relax with your imagination as our naughty mommies guide you through the highest quality mon son sex incest fantasies on the internet!


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Cucking Wimp Dad

34 Min

This wife shows no mercy letting her husband know how pitiful he is compared to their own muscular stud of a son...

My Boyfriends Psycho Mom

33 Min

Lisa's world is about to come crashing down as Jack's mother unveils her boyfriends dark secret...

Mother’s Guilt

19 Min

Mother knows its wrong, but begins to blur the line between husband and son......

I’ve Been Cukholding You, With Our Son!

16 Min

Mother finally tells her limp dick husband the truth and all its dirty secrets......

Two Sons, One Mom

16 Min

Mommy's hoping to get a little "private" phone time with her son Julian, but her younger son, Charlie, has different plans......

Football Camp

50 Min

Even though her son is far away at football camp, that doesn't stop Mommy calling to let her son know how much his Mother misses him......

Welcome Home From Prison

15 Min

Mom has very "special" therapy that could help her son control his anger and get him parole......

I Use Incest to Motivate My Son

37 Min

Alice's son can't focus due to a rare disorder doctors call "second puberty." How far will this Mother go to take care of her Son?...

My Son is in Love With Me

53 Min

Susan still loves her husband, however her big strong son only wants Mommy for himself......

My Son Rapes Me…

35 Min

To the outside world, Vivian is a strong, sexy, independent lawyer...but behind closed doors she BELONGS to her son......

I Fucked My Son Before His Wedding

17 Min

After years of sexual tension, in a night of impulsive passion, Vivian seduces her son the night before his wedding ceremony!...

Hermit Lady Wants Son’s Incest Baby


In the small town of Franklin, CT, Penelope is just the neighborhood hermit lady. Little do the towns-people know the TRUE secret life of this hermit lady and her son......

Mommy POV – Waking Up With Mom

18 Min

Can you imagine waking up with Mommy curled up next to you after a long hard night of passionate Mother Son Incest?...

Moms Sexual Itch

20 Min

Dad's left for work and Mommy has a very, very SPECIAL Itch for her big strong teenager...Roger Jr. will never see Mommy the same way again... ...

Mother’s Secret Incest Affair

35 Min

Mom’s writing sexy letters to her lover… but there’s a twist. Her lover is her son. They’ve been carrying on a love affair ever since he reached manhood. ...

Bora Bora Mamma

43 Min

Husband is suspicious mom is having an affair. Mother and son decide to take a getaway trip to Bora Bora. At least dad will think Mommy is safe with their...

Mommy’s Rewards Football Stud Son

1h 15m

On the night before the championship, Mommy wants her son to retake her virginity so she will belong to her son, forever. ...

Coming Mother Chapters 1-3

1h 3 mins

Coming Mother Chapters 4-6

Life on a houseboat gives this mom and son a lot of opportunities for incestuous sex in the sun. It’s hottest when they’re almost caught…....

Coming Mother Chapters 7-10

1h 4m

As they’re out and about, Son can’t keep his eyes off the hot chicks. Mom’s jealousy whips her up into an incestuous sexual frenzy. ...

Spanking Mamma in the Bahamas

34 Min

Mommy's been showing off a little to much at the resort. Jealous Son shows his Mother who she truly belongs to once they are back in the hotel room......

My Son’s Cock is To Big & Hard!

1h 51m

This sexy mom had all her perverse incest dreams come true… and now it’s more than she can handle. Her son wants to fuck his mommy for hours every day....

Mother’s Deep Feelings

2h 20m

To Marissa, her son Kyle was everything. With her husband gone all the time, her son stepped up to become his mother’s rock. ...

Mommy’s VIP Room

1h 03m

My Son and I are not sophisticated people. To be upfront, we’re white trailer trash from Mississippi. I work as a stripper and my son is the club’s bouncer. ...

Mommy’s Thanksgiving Incest


The whole family is gathered at our house for Thanksgiving, but the only thing Mommy is Thankful for is her son’s big, hard cock. ...

Two Mothers, Two Sons

3h 52m

All mothers and sons have little secrets, feelings hidden from the rest of the world.  For Margaret and Ruby, it’s their foribbden affair - an incestuous relationship with their sons....

Peeping Tom Mom Chapters 1 – 3

1h 7m

Peggy’s son has been acting strangely, slipping out of the house late at night when he thinks she’s asleep. What is he doing? ...

Peeping Tom Mom Chapters 4 – 6

1h 6m

Mommy’s found a new, taboo sexual outlet. No one must ever know… Nobody will ever understand. Except… maybe… her son?...

Peeping Tom Mom Chapters 7 – 10

1h 39m

Mother and son have are at a turning point. Their desires are boiling and when her son tells her something extra-special, mommy just can’t contain herself…...

Suck Loving Mother Chapters 1 – 3

1h 9m

This sexy mom suffers from a secret, sinful hunger. She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stop herself. The relationship between mother and son should be pure....

Suck Loving Mother Chapters 4 – 6

1h 16m

Mother and son explore their perverted, incestuous appetites… a slow seduction that starts first thing in the morning and continues all day. ...

Suck Loving Mother Chapters 7 – 10

1h 12m

Mom is getting more and more wanton, willing to do the most abandoned acts in public. Her son inspires her in ways she never imagined. ...

Mom’s Hot Loving Chapters 1 – 3

1h 19m

Marian has been so lonely since her husband died. It’s a good thing she has her son to keep her company… Her strong, brave… extremely handsome son....

Mom’s Hot Loving Chapters 4 – 6

1h 2m

Mommy loves sleeping with her son… and coming up with special new ways to wake him up in the morning. Illicit cravings lead mother and son to explore. ...

Mom’s Hot Loving Chapters 7 – 10

1h 5m

Mommy's son has another sexy friend… and she’s so eager to meet his mom. Kaitlyn really knows how to use a strap-on to pleasure a lady…  ...

Finally With Mom Chapters 1 – 3

1h 2m

You’d never know it, looking at these sexy sisters, but they’re both so lonely… both a secret aching for taboo. Maybe they can find it… but at what cost? ...

Finally With Mom Chapters 4 – 6

1h 5m

Ted can’t get enough of his hot mom… And she’s ready to share it all with him, to show him things he’s never dreamed of. It’s a mother’s job to...

Finally With Mom Chapters 7 – 10

1h 11m

Aunt Arlene finds out about Peggy’s incestuous secret… It’s only what any loving mother would do, after all. And this loving sister is willing to share. ...

Mother’s Horny Boys Chapters 1 – 3

1h 27m

Sexy mom Joanie isn’t ashamed of her body. She likes to lie out by the pool in the skimpiest bikinis… And she knows her sons Randy and Gary like to...

Mother’s Horny Boys Chapters 4 – 6

1h 21m

In the heat of the moment, this sexy mom promised her boys “anything and everything!” But now she’s having second thoughts…...

Mother’s Horny Boys Chapters 7 – 10

1h 41m

Joanie has a new neighbor… Beautiful, sexy Sonja is ready to introduce mom and sons to new games and new sensations. Joanie has never done this before. ...

Billy’s Hot Mom Chapters 1 – 3

1h 21m

Donna has always had these forbidden desires, but men always run. Will she ever find a man? It’s time for her son to become the real man of the house....

Billy’s Hot Mom Chapters 4 – 6

1h 10m

Billy thinks it’s so hot when his sexy mom wears his shirt… without any panties. It gives him the most depraved ideas – ideas that turn mommy on. ...

Billy’s Hot Mom Chapters 7 – 10

1h 31m

Billy wants his mom to himself. Now Mommy has to show her son that she belongs to him… and only him. She will never touch any man but him. ...

Nursing My Son


Come here baby, come suck on your mother’s big hard nipples. Get mother’s milk flowing for her son. Mommy’s milk is just for you and nobody else honey. ...

Aunt Catches Her Sister & Nephew


There’s something strange going on between her nephew and her sister. It took a while for Auntie to notice, but now it seems so obvious. ...

Mommy’s Shameful Wet Dreams


Mom’s been having these dreams… dreams she can’t admit to her waking self. She’s a good mother. She would never have such shameful thoughts! ...

Mardi Gras Mommy


As we push our way through the crowd back, my son informs of his erection by pushing into mother’s tight firm ass. I take his hand back to the motel....

Mommy’s Incest Rape Fantasy Part 1


There’s nothing mommy loves more than fantasizing about her son dominating her body. Mommy wants her son to make her scream for mercy. ...

Mommy’s Incest Rape Fantasy Part 2


Mom and son had wonderful, amazing incestuous sex… but now she’s having second thoughts. It so wrong! What would her family think? What about hubby? ...

Mommy’s Secret Incest Crush

1h 5m

For years Barbra had harbored a secret crush for her son. But was that so wrong? Her marriage was failing and her son, Peter, was the perfect man. ...

Harder Mom Said Chapters 1 – 3

1h 4m

This hot mom’s growing obsession with her son is a secret… even from herself. Her unconscious mind torments her with unnatural dreams… ...

Harder Mom Said Chapters 4 – 6

1h 4m

Mother and son are totally committed now… there’s no going back, for either of them. Sabrina tells her son about her secret dreams… but will she regret it? ...

Harder Mom Said Chapters 7 – 10

1h 4m

Have her son’s feelings about his mom changed, now that he knows how much mom loves to fuck? Yes! He loves Mommy more than ever. ...

Jerry’s Hot Mothers Chapters 1 – 3

1h 27m

Marcy’s ex-husband called her frigid, but he just didn’t have what it takes to excite her. Thankfully there is one man up to the task… Marcy’s son Jerry....

Jerry’s Hot Mothers Chapters 4 – 6

1h 27m

Jerry knows his moms just as aroused by incest as he is… now if only he can get her to admit that her son is just the man, mommy needs… ...
Jerrys Hot Moms

Jerry’s Hot Mothers Chapters 7 – 10

1h 42m

Spending the day with her son and his “other mom” has loosened her up. Maybe they’re ready for a more… intimate relationship. ...
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