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Cucking Wimp Dad

34 Min

My Boyfriends Psycho Mom

33 Min

Mother’s Guilt

19 Min

I’ve Been Cukholding You, With Our Son!

16 Min

Two Sons, One Mom

16 Min

Football Camp

50 Min

The Forbidden Christian – Part 4

Sins of a MAGA Mom – Part 2

Sins of a MAGA Mom – Part 1

A Mother’s Hips Never Lie

Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 07


Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 06


Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 05


Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 04


Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 03


Daddy’s Healing Touch Part 02


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Amazing narration, storyline, phenomenal work. I’m really enjoying membership here and hope the hiatus ends soon and more content is released. Thank you.


Simply the best it’s a grand slam I’m partial to this story but this site is the best there is I have been fascinated with mother and son incest as far back as I can remember I can’t explain what this site means to me if your into mother and son look no further this is the best ps thank you ro the writer and the narrator you guy’s out did yourself


This one really got me cause its the same as me I had a hot thing for my mom bbw feet and her body, I wanted to fuck her feet and I loved that this story is very similar very very similar to the likes and joys I have for my mom as well and fucked loved how it really captures my overall love and takes of my love for my mom as well…..I would love tonadd my twist to it as well cause it perfect on my tske for me and my mom