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Donna has always had these forbidden desires… these wild cravings. But it seems like men always run away in disgust when she exposes her inner self. Will she ever find a man who can keep up with her? This hot mom finds such a man… much closer than she expected. It’s time for her son to become the real man of the house…


Chapter 7 – Teaser – 23 Min

Billy’s getting a taste for the perverse delights his mom is introducing him to. Who knew that pushing these forbidden boundaries could be so much hot? The world might tell them it’s wrong… but this mother and son know how right it feels. 


Chapter 8 – Teaser – 23 Min

Subtle sin can be hot too… and sometimes you just want to go all the way. In their quest to find the limits of their perverted desires, this mother and son will attempt the unthinkable… and scale the heights of ecstasy.    


Chapter 9 – Teaser – 28 Min

Billy wants his mom to himself… always. Now Mom has to show him that she belongs to him… and only him. She will never touch any man but him… but she does have this one secret desire that he can never satisfy…    


Chapter 10 – Teaser – 16 Min

A good son helps his mother… And Billy has found a way to satisfy his mom’s illicit lusts… He just needs a little help. Can mother and son share their incestuous intimacy with others? Will that diminish their delight… or make it stronger? 

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