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Marcy’s ex-husband called her frigid, but he couldn’t be more wrong. He just didn’t have what it takes to excite her… to bring her out of her shell. Thankfully there is one man up to the task… Marcy’s son Jerry.

Chapter 4 – Teaser – 35 Min

Jerry has wanted his mom for a long, long time… And it looks like all his dreams might be coming true… If only this son can overcome his mom’s shyness. He knows his moms just as aroused by incest as he is… now if only he can get her to admit that her son is just the man, mommy needs…   


Chapter 5 – Teaser – 25 Min

Mother and son are getting into the rhythm of their relationship… and becoming more adventurous. Mom’s shyness is practically a thing of the past… washed away by incestuous their passion. Her ex was so wrong about her. She knows exactly how to please a man… as long as that man is her son.   


Chapter 6 – Teaser – 22 Min 

This son loves both his mom and his step-mom. He’d like nothing more than to spend the day – and night – just the three of them. His useless dad won’t be around, and he’ll have the lovely ladies all to himself. After a little persuasion, Mommy can’t help but agree…   

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