Jerrys Hot Moms

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Marcy’s ex-husband called her frigid, but he couldn’t be more wrong. He just didn’t have what it takes to excite her… to bring her out of her shell. Thankfully there is one man up to the task… Marcy’s son Jerry.


 Chapter 7 – Teaser – 28 Min

Marcy has never had so much fun in her entire life. She’s certainly not shy anymore. Spending the day with her son and his “other mom” has loosened her up, made her feel… almost wanton. They all get along so well! Maybe they’re ready for a more… intimate relationship.  


Chapter 8 – Teaser – 19 Min

From repressed housewife to insatiable sexpot, mommy has come a long way. Incest is just what the doctor ordered for Marcy. She’s never felt so good and mommy has her son to thank for it. In fact, mother and son can’t keep their hands off each other… so much that step-mom has started to notice…      


Chapter 9 –  Teaser – 39 Min 

Sharing is caring and they’re keeping it all in the family. Lucky Jerry has two hot moms to take care of his needs… he’s never been so happy. After walking in on mom and stepmom doing something they shouldn’t, he can’t help but join in the fun.    


Chapter 10 – Teaser – 13 Min 

If Marcy’s ex could see her now! He’d hate it… and that just makes everything better. Her son is twice the man his father ever was. Satisfying both moms is no problem… He can keep it up all day and all night… and all day – again.

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