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There’s something strange going on between Auntie’s nephew and her sister. It took a while for her to notice, but now it seems so obvious – the way they look at each other, the way they’re always touching, the sexy way Mommy dresses in front of her sister and her son. 

Auntie is positive that mother and son are fucking. At first she’s disgusted. How could her own flesh and blood be involved in something so evil and depraved? Auntie hears them all the time… and sees them too. Sees her sister grinding on her son’s cock like a maniac, hears her scream as she cums… again and again and again. 

Incest sex is really hot, it seems. And Auntie is only human. She has needs and it’s been so long since she had a man to satisfy her. And boy does her nephew satisfy his mommy. Maybe Auntie can get some of that action…

So she hatches a plan. She waits until she’s alone with her nephew and confronts him. What does he say about these recordings? And this video? There’s only one thing to do… and Auntie and Nephew are right in the middle of doing it when Sister walks in. An incest threesome can be the hottest thing there is… 

Teaser – 1 Hour

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  • Avatar Great story

    Loved this one… I like when they don’t just start out fuxking like porn stars. There gotta be a build up and the ain’t really built it up. Great job!

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