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Marian has been so lonely since her husband died. It’s a good thing she has her son to keep her company… Her strong, brave… extremely handsome son, with his bulging muscles and thick, hard cock. This mom does her best to hide her sinful desires, but it gets to be too much…    


Chapter 1 – Teaser – 32 Min

Marian is seething with jealousy… over her son. Mom knows it’s wrong, but she can’t stand the thought of him fucking another girl. This incestuous obsession is getting worse and worse… leading to a wicked, shameful, but very hot dream. Or was it a dream? 


Chapter 2 – Teaser – 25 Min

Now that she’s had a taste of her son’s cock, this hot mom wants more and more. She can’t believe she’d do something so immoral and depraved, but she can’t stop herself. Mom never felt like this with her husband, but incestuous sex turns her into a sex fiend.


Chapter 3 – Teaser – 22 Min

All Mom’s incestuous fantasies are coming true… but her son isn’t interested in keeping their unnatural passion a secret. He told his girlfriend Judy! And now that Mom’s feeling sexually satisfied, she can see what a sexy girl Judy is. And Judy has always admired her boyfriend’s mom…

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  • Avatar Mom's Hot Loving 1 -3

    A gorgeous tale of mom son incest, and, lesbian loving.
    I truly appreciate the sordid details involved in both encounters.

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